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Ability Transit Solutions is a personalised and accessible transport service for people with mobility restrictions. Ability Transit Solutions is a leading Australian service provider that empowers people with disabilities to get more out of life.

We provide a specialised form of transport service to the NDIS Participants. Our transport assistance professionals have more than 12 years experience. Our specialist transport arrangements will transit and provide assistance during travel.

Ability Transit Solutions is here to assist with a participant’s need of “CORE” support requirement:

- Daily commuting to and from work.

- Getting out in the community for a social activity, entertainment and shopping.

- Attending regular medical appointments and other sessions

- Transit for personal needs, visiting family and friends.

Our assist/travel transport professionals can be booked for weekly trips or regular daily trips. These transport and assistance service will make mobility for Participants easier, safer and comfortable.

Why ATS?

Key Function

*A – Acknowledge the mobility challenges a participant might face and ensure to provide safe, efficient, and reliable means of assist transport services.

*T – Transporting and assisting participant with due diligence and care

*S – Supporting all participants and their families to help find the best mobility options to reach the desired destination.


Our Vision

At Ability Transit Solutions we are united by a common vision to help you get quality support and more out of your life. Providing mobility to the Participants to stand a better chance to be integrated into society. This means understanding:

– Your service choices, decisions, and what is important to you.
– Working together to build your plan and reach your goals, and
– Responding promptly and collaboratively to your feedback.

Our Accreditation’s

As a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, our organisation is required to comply with the guidelines set by the National Disability Insurance Commission.


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