About Us


Welcome to ATS


ATS is a leading Australian provider of services that empower people with disabilities to get more out of life.

We believe that mobility is a basic human right, and having access to mobility ensures that people with disabilities stand a better chance to be integrated into society. People can travel safely, comfortably, and independently without physical transfer.

This is a specialised form of transport services offered to the NDIS Participants. ATS is here to assist with getting out in the community whether it is for appointments, for specific sessions, entertainment, shopping etc.

As part of our mission to reduce barriers to the inclusion of people with disabilities, we are committed to helping those we work with to get to where they need to go so that they can travel.


At Ability Transit Solutions we are united by a common vision to help you get quality support and more out of your life. Providing mobility to the Participants to stand a better chance to be integrated into society. This means understanding:

  • Your service choices, decisions, and what is important to you.
  • Working together to build your plan and reach your goals, and
  • Responding promptly and collaboratively to your feedback.

Key Function

  • *A- Acknowledge the mobility challenges a participant might face and ensure to provide safe, efficient, & reliable means of assist transport services.
  • *T- Transporting and assisting participant with due diligence and care
  • *S- Supporting all participants and their families to help find the best mobility options to reach the desired destination.