How We Help


Our vehicles are tailored to meet the needs of people with disabilities and the elderly. Wheelchairs can easily get into cars, with the help of a flexible folding system. In addition, we also ensure that users have assistance from sensitive drivers to accompany them. Users can travel safely, comfortably, and independently without physical transfer.

Key Function

*A – Acknowledge the mobility challenges a participant might face and ensure to provide safe, efficient, and reliable means of assist transport services.

*T – Transporting and assisting participant with due diligence and care

*S – Supporting all participants and their families to help find the best mobility options to reach the desired destination.


Our Vision

At Ability Transit Solutions we are united by a common vision to help you get quality support and more out of your life. Providing mobility to the Participants to stand a better chance to be integrated into society. This means understanding:

– Your service choices, decisions, and what is important to you.
– Working together to build your plan and reach your goals, and
– Responding promptly and collaboratively to your feedback.

Our Accreditation’s

As a registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, our organisation is required to comply with the guidelines set by the National Disability Insurance Commission.