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Taryn M

I bless the day that I found Ability Transit Solutions 😊 for many reasons.

I have domestic and social support from a different agency but if I use them as my transport I
lose out on their other duties and social time, Ability Transit Solutions doesn’t encroach onto the other core supports.

A. I got my freedom back.

B.  I can Independently book Ability Transit Solutions for transport without having to book in my support workers. I call up and pick a time to go shopping, or movies or lunch. I’ve even been able to take my cat to the vet.

C.  I can rely on Ability Transit Solutions for my fortnightly/ monthly appointments. I can book in permanent times with my G.P., my specialist and my groups without using up all of
my support worker’s time.

D. If I try to use my support workers I either have to fit in with my usual schedule, that stops my normal supports or I have to book in advance at least a couple of weeks and unless my support is free at that time they can’t accommodate me or send me out with a stranger.  If I use my support workers for transport they have to stay with me or sit in the car.
Both of which are unacceptable to me.

For example If I go to my 3 hour art group every week, which is a closed group for client privacy, my support can’t go back home for domestic duties because I’m absent and they can’t sit with me during the class. As far as I’m concerned that’s wasting 3 hours of my precious NDIS time and money